Peggy Porschen |Cake Parlour | London

When I was in London recently I decided to make a quick trip to the hugely instagrammable Peggy Porschen on Ebury Street in Belgravia. I’ve gotten used to using the City Mapper app while in New York the last few times and so I decided to use it in London to see if I could justify nipping in before I caught a train to Margate to see my besties. 

The app is so so useful and has a “Get me somewhere” button where it uses GPS to tell you the quickest options to get to where you want to be which might include a few methods i.e walking, train, tube then walking etc. It told me to get on the tube at Oxford Circus (I was on Oxford Street) and to get off a couple of stops away at Victoria Tube Station and then it would be a 6 minute walk. So of course I decided to go. What the heart (belly) wants! Sorry white jeans, I’ll try to squeeze into you next year! I really like this app as it makes everything so easy to understand. Sometimes you think someone telling you to go to a specific station and get the tube or train to another specific station is simple, until you get there and you’re like, shit what tube or train actually goes there? 

That’s why I loved this app as it tells you specifically what line to get on and how many stops & minutes it is etc, and then once you get off you can use GPS to direct you on foot. It also has a stats page where it encourages you to make good choices, telling you how many calories you’ve burned, how many trees you’ve saved and how much money you’ve saved! Anyway, I liked the app, I got there, and it looked like this…




The place is just picture perfect. So so cute! If you’re a fan of things like this I’d really recommend making some time to go on your next trip to London as it’s really not out of the way. One of the things I did regret though was not being there with a friend. It seems like the ideal place to sit outside, get some cute pots of tea and cake or mini bottles of Moët, put on your sunglasses and soak up the girlyness in all it’s glory! If you’re lucky enough to have one, I’d probably take one of those friends that’s good at taking insta pics, the will get down on the ground to get a good angle – tell you to lift your chin so you only have one – know your good side without asking kind of friend…because you will not feel embarrassed instagraming until your heart is content here! In fact…you can’t help it! 

So about the cakes…they did not disappoint! Although they didn’t look like this by the time I got to Margate! I think I must have been gleefully swinging my arms about at the thought of seeing my best friends (we all live quite a distance from one another, including Rachel who was coming all the way from Dubai!) and so they got a little bashed! I didn’t notice initially but the fruity one on the right hand side actually had a heart filled with a juicy filling that you squeezed into/onto the cake yourself! They were all delicious though, the Oreo one had an Oreo at the base, and the salted caramel had a mountain of gooey caramel in the centre! TOO GOOD. They were about £3/4 each but worth it. Hey, if they are good enough for Stella McCartneys wedding they are good enough for me. 

Here’s a few other London suggestions for your sweet tooth 

  • Maitre Choux – giving the eclair some luxe! 
  • Biscuiteers – literally biscuits for every occasion! 
  • Crumbs and Doilies – fun variety of cupcakes just off Carnaby Street!
  • Lily Vanilli – one for the vegans and gluten free lovers among you, and right beside Columbia Road Flower Market! 

Love Ellen x

    Giraffe Shirt | $14.00

    So a few months ago I ordered a shirt for $14.00 from SheIn, a website that I’ve never heard of that just happened to pop up on my screen one day. Maybe I’ve been liking photos of giraffes recently on IG, who knows? I do have a slight giraffe crush! 

    A few years ago I travelled to Tanzania to volunteer as a Midwife and while I was there I was lucky enough to go to the Serengeti on safari and see giraffes in all their natural beauty. They were honestly mesmerising, the sheer height of them and pattern on their coat was incredible! 

    So when this shirt popped up I did think that the site looked a bit dodgy as I’ve never heard of SheIn before…but hey $14.00 what have I got to lose?! Has anyone else heard of them? It’s probably a well known budget American brand that I’ve just never come across?! 

    Anyway, it rrived quite quickly. I was expecting it to be like one of those memes where people order things from amazon or eBay and they arrive looking nothing like the photo! But when it came I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not amazing quality, and will probably shrink when I wash it, but I do love it!! You can’t order a specific size either, it’s just one size fits all (which again made me think it was going to come and be tiny or massive) but it fits nicely… I’d say it fits a 6-10, and I’m unsure if it would button well if you’ve got a big bust! 

    Trying my best to get giraffe themed clothing into Spring/Summer 17! 

    Ellen x

    Los Angeles | California 

    Check out some of our LA highlights by watching our wee video.

    My top 5 LA tips:

    1. Hire a car! The place is huge!!! For the first few days we didn’t have the car yet and it was so hard to get around.

    2. Universal Studios – get the Front of the Line Pass. It’s a fair bit more money if I can remember correctly but it’s soooo worth it to not be stuck in the queues! On one ride it was absolutely insane how big the normal queue was in comparison to the front of the line pass que!

    3. Research to see if there are any TV show filmings you’d like to see and apply for them early. Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with James Corden and loads more all film in LA with live audiences. We managed to get free tickets for Conan and it was sooo much fun! I’d never watched his show before but it was hilarious and despite my best efforts I got dragged up onto the stage as part of the warm up to do a dance off! I honestly could have died, but won a free t-shirt and avoided cardiac arrest so it’s not all bad.

    4. Head to The Grove one night for some shopping and dinner! It’s a lovely outdoor shopping centre with restaurants and a cinema. It’s right beside the farmers market which is worthwhile going to. I love markets, it’s cute and has lots of little stalls. The celebs are known to hang out at The Grove, which must be true as we bumped into Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. James almost peed himself but managed to refrain and got a photo with him instead! 

    5. Don’t attempt to hike up to the Hollywood Sign during a heat wave…you won’t make it!! 






    NYC Autumnal Vibes | That Zara Shirt

    When I wore this beautiful autumnal embroidered Zara shirt in New York, I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window just after we left the hotel and I ended up having one of those days where I immediately wanted to go back to the hotel to change because I felt so self conscious in it! Sometimes in buttoned up shirts I have a wee complex that my face/head looks massive that just me?? Anyway, we had too many tourist activities to do so I couldn’t go back and change! 

    However my day turned around thanks to a number of random American girls. My boyfriend could not stop laughing because suddenly throughout the day multiple women stopped me in the street and in the shops to ask where my shirt was from…it just kept happening! One woman even ran after me to ask! It happened so often that James placed a bet on how many compliments I could get and kept calling me “billy big baws” haha. 

    It really made me stop and think about how complimenting someone can really brighten someone’s day and that I should start doing it more often!

    PS Make sure you click on the video link!

    Ellen (Billy) x