AB to Jay Z | The Little Homie

This book almost made me want to get a move on and grow a well educated fetus in my uterus. A fetus that would perhaps be unfamiliar that B is for Ball and C is for Cat, but would know that Biggie loves it when you call him big poppa, that Fifty Cent is going to party like it’s your birthday and that Snoop likes to sip on ‘orange juice’.



I was so excited when I stumbled across it online while searching for a baby present for a friend. I love a variety of music, but there’s nothing better than putting on some old skool hip-hop and surprising everyone by the fact that you know all the words. 

The book is the brain child of Australian Jessica Chiha and can be bought on presale on The Little Homie. I believe it was initially funded through Kickstarter where they also allowed people to vote for the artists that would make up the alphabet. Every artist might not be to people’s taste but I just love this little book! Its the perfect gift and worthy of any insta-nursery! The illustrations by Alex Lehours are perhaps what make the book as good as it is! Here’s a few more photos to give you a sneak peak before you buy…

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I think it’s one of those presents you look at and instantly know if 

A) you love it 


B) you have a friend that will love it

Peace out✌🏻 

PS There’s a little video of it over on my IG too! 


Peggy Porschen |Cake Parlour | London

When I was in London recently I decided to make a quick trip to the hugely instagrammable Peggy Porschen on Ebury Street in Belgravia. I’ve gotten used to using the City Mapper app while in New York the last few times and so I decided to use it in London to see if I could justify nipping in before I caught a train to Margate to see my besties. 

The app is so so useful and has a “Get me somewhere” button where it uses GPS to tell you the quickest options to get to where you want to be which might include a few methods i.e walking, train, tube then walking etc. It told me to get on the tube at Oxford Circus (I was on Oxford Street) and to get off a couple of stops away at Victoria Tube Station and then it would be a 6 minute walk. So of course I decided to go. What the heart (belly) wants! Sorry white jeans, I’ll try to squeeze into you next year! I really like this app as it makes everything so easy to understand. Sometimes you think someone telling you to go to a specific station and get the tube or train to another specific station is simple, until you get there and you’re like, shit what tube or train actually goes there? 

That’s why I loved this app as it tells you specifically what line to get on and how many stops & minutes it is etc, and then once you get off you can use GPS to direct you on foot. It also has a stats page where it encourages you to make good choices, telling you how many calories you’ve burned, how many trees you’ve saved and how much money you’ve saved! Anyway, I liked the app, I got there, and it looked like this…




The place is just picture perfect. So so cute! If you’re a fan of things like this I’d really recommend making some time to go on your next trip to London as it’s really not out of the way. One of the things I did regret though was not being there with a friend. It seems like the ideal place to sit outside, get some cute pots of tea and cake or mini bottles of Moët, put on your sunglasses and soak up the girlyness in all it’s glory! If you’re lucky enough to have one, I’d probably take one of those friends that’s good at taking insta pics, the will get down on the ground to get a good angle – tell you to lift your chin so you only have one – know your good side without asking kind of friend…because you will not feel embarrassed instagraming until your heart is content here! In fact…you can’t help it! 

So about the cakes…they did not disappoint! Although they didn’t look like this by the time I got to Margate! I think I must have been gleefully swinging my arms about at the thought of seeing my best friends (we all live quite a distance from one another, including Rachel who was coming all the way from Dubai!) and so they got a little bashed! I didn’t notice initially but the fruity one on the right hand side actually had a heart filled with a juicy filling that you squeezed into/onto the cake yourself! They were all delicious though, the Oreo one had an Oreo at the base, and the salted caramel had a mountain of gooey caramel in the centre! TOO GOOD. They were about £3/4 each but worth it. Hey, if they are good enough for Stella McCartneys wedding they are good enough for me. 

Here’s a few other London suggestions for your sweet tooth 

  • Maitre Choux – giving the eclair some luxe! 
  • Biscuiteers – literally biscuits for every occasion! 
  • Crumbs and Doilies – fun variety of cupcakes just off Carnaby Street!
  • Lily Vanilli – one for the vegans and gluten free lovers among you, and right beside Columbia Road Flower Market! 

Love Ellen x

    International Day of the Midwife | 10 Reasons Why I Love My Job 

    May 5th is an internationally recognised day for highlighting the work of midwives all over the world. Although I’ve always thought May the 4th (be with you) would have been more appropriate! For me, today is the perfect opportunity to reflect a bit about how I got to become a part of this amazing group of people and to talk a little bit about some of my favourite things about being a midwife! 

    When I was at school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, which of course resulted in me going to University to study Politics and French, as you do! There were a few over opinionated people in my politics module (understatement) but on the whole it was fine and I was really enjoying the buzz of university life! So the way I felt when I met my flatmates mum who was a community midwife really came as a surprise to me! This might sound stupid but at the time of looking up university prospectuses and researching careers, I kind of forgot that midwives were ‘a thing’. There was no One Born Every Minute or Call the Midwife on TV to remind me. I pretty much missed out the health sector because I didn’t think facing sickness and sadness every day was what i wanted. As soon as Lynsey’s mum left that night, I stayed up late researching what a midwife does and it was a real eureka moment. So much so that I quit my degree a few days later and applied to midwifery right away. Midwifery is a hard degree to get in to, with limited Universities only taking about 20 applicants a year at the time, so I was so so thankful and relieved that I was successful. What’s weird is that soon after, my flat mate Lynsey also quit her degree (in Dietetics) to follow in her mums footsteps and is now a midwife too!!

    Now that I’m over 4 years in, I can’t imagine doing anything else! It really is such a special job. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to it and it’s not all sunshine, but on a day like today I’ve listed 10 of my favourite things about being a midwife!

    10 things I love about being a Midwife:

    1. We help empower women and get to see how incredibly strong and courageous they are on a weekly basis! It really is so inspiring and the admiration I have for them can’t be described! #girlpower

    2. It’s amazing how fast we can build rapport with people. It’s a relationship built on trust and support and if we have the opportunity we can really get to know people which is one of my favourite things about the job! It’s certainly not always like this but sometimes by the time the baby is born you’ve learned their deepest fears and insecurities, their strengths, how they met, seen photos of the wedding and nursery decor, heard details of their loft conversion and know their dogs middle name. I love that! It makes it all the more special when you get to see the precise moment that they become a family. 

    3. Midwives make the best tea’s! And by teas I don’t mean a cup of tea, I mean a Michelin star spread/buffet. It’s like a full scale military operation/obstetric emergency drill enlisted for when it’s someone’s retirement, birthday, baby shower etc. A list goes up of who is bringing what and there’s always enough to feed the entire East End of Glasgow. I tend to bagzie things like crisps and dip because we can’t all be Mary Berry!

    4. People that you meet outside of work will tell you their full labour story including leaking nipples and incontinence. It’s not that I enjoy that, but I just find it endearing that they automatically trust you enough to want to tell you ‘their story’ within minutes of meeting you at a friends BBQ. 

    5. We don’t just ‘deliver babies’!! We do so so SO much more, and make so many autonomous decisions with a huge amount of responsibility. #ifyouknowyouknow

    6. We get to appreciate how precious life is. The ability to conceive, grow, birth and parent a baby is not something we take for granted.

    7.  We work as a team, wether it’s making the 6am nightshift tea and toast or running up the corridor to help your colleague whose patient is haemorrhaging. From doctors, auxiliaries, porters, ODP’s, sonographers, physio’s, social workers and loads more, it’s nice to be a part of a wider team where everyone brings something to the table. It just wouldn’t work without them all!

    8. We get to see how amazing the human body is. It is honestly mind blowing. Granted it doesn’t always do what we want it to but it really is an incredible thing. And even when it doesn’t do what we want it to, it’s amazing how over the years through science and research we have learned how to treat and manage some things. 

    9. The thank you’s. It always amazes me when you get women who endure the struggles of childbirth and within seconds of the baby being out they tell you that they “couldn’t have done it without you!”. Are you kidding? You’ve just pushed a baby out of your vagina – you’re an absolute champ and as we always say “you done it all yourself”. The thank you’s really do mean so much to us at every stage that we see you in pregnancy, labour and after. Midwifery can be a highly stressful career and occasionally all it takes is one thank you to stop you from collapsing in a heap and getting a job at Asda.

     10. I love how people tend to think midwives are all wee old dears with really softly spoken voices who love rainbows and knitting! There’s something about Glasgow midwives anyway that makes them some of the funniest, assertive, kindest and quick witted people I know! You know those people that are just so good at telling a story too? One of a kind!

    I quickly wanted to mention the book below that was given to me years ago by an inspirational health visitor in Castlemilk called Rhonda. It takes a lot of confidence and fearlessness to become a midwife and she built me up when I was lacking it as a student. I’m always so thankful for influences like her, especially now being a mentor myself. 

    “Remember we can do anything we put our mind to!”

    And on that matter I’d love to say a massive thank you to a few business savvy friends of mine that have been SO generous to donate amazing raffle prizes for charity to help celebrate International Day of the Midwife at the University of West of Scotland!

    – Chris Lessani at BRGR

    – Luan and Luli from Bread Meats Bread

    – Harri at Forty Clothing

    – Chloe at Mud Urban Flowers

    and the one and only Lisa Donati

    Thanks for reading and Happy International Day of the Midwife!

    Ellen x

    Mud Urban Flowers | Glasgow| Q&A

    Recently, the beautiful Chloe from Mud Urban Flowers kindly sent me such an Instagram worthy bunch of flowers that I thought I’d bring you here to discuss just how much this new Glasgow brand have nailed it! 

    Before we begin I should mention that this post features a crisp and classic but nightmare to iron blouse from H&M. I totally love this little number despite my boyfriend slagging me by saying I looked like a Victorian! Apparently DJ’s know so much about fashion now and between 1837-1901…🤔

    (And yes I did just have to google when the Victorian period was)

    Mud Urban Flowers are a new online Glasgow brand that are making gifting bouquets appealing for us millenials! Signature cardboard tote and cool logo? Tick! Stunning fresh flowers? Tick! Order online with free delivery? Tick! Currently delivering Monday to Friday 11am-5pm to G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G11, G12, G13, G14, G20 and G61. They come in 2 different sizes, little for £19 and luxe for £39. The little is featured in my photos and is the perfect size, but I’d definitely get the luxe for a special occasion! You don’t even need to think about what looks good as each day they have one daily design that is seasonal, on trend and ready to go! You can also set up a flower subscription for weekly, fortnightly or monthly! I really love seeing small Glasgow business’ get it so right, so I was intrigued as to who was behind it! Cue a Q & A with Chloe and Nick the faces behind the brand!

    Q: So who are Chloe and Nick and what did you both do before Mud?

    A: Chloe graduated in 2014 with a degree in English and History (oh this is embarrassing…please teach me about the Victorian times haha! E) before working around the world with leading floral designers including Holly Heider Chapple. Her cousin, Nick graduated with a degree in Marketing and French, Nick worked for 6 years in the London financial district before retraining as a florist. Since 2003, his company Mood Flowers designs luxury weddings and events throughout Scotland and beyond. In addition, he trains new and established florists helping them to improve their business and technical skills at Flower School Glasgow

    Q: How did the company and branding come about?

    A: After realising we had complimentary skill sets, we decided we wanted to establish a new brand which reinvented flower delivery for the millennial consumer. Using Nick’s floristry knowledge and experience with Chloe’s eye for design and social media savvy, the duo have created a brand fit for 2017. 
    For the branding, we designed a prototype cardboard tote and had it manufactured here in the U.K. and we worked closely with a graphic design company to bring the contemporary logo to life. 

    Q: Did you always see yourselves doing this/being part of this industry? What did you do before?

    A: Nick: “Becoming a florist was a complete case of serendipity for me. I met a girl (my now wife) who wanted to become a florist. After 6 years in the corporate world, I realised working in the 9-5 rat race wasn’t for me and followed her from finance to flowers. I have never looked back.”
    Chloe: “I’ve always wanted to establish my own business, but I wasn’t sure in which field. With a love of flowers and a few years experience in the industry, I realised there was an opportunity in the market place to modernise the way people order and send flowers.

    Q: What’s your favourite flower? Is there a flower you hate?

    A: Nick: “I like green cymbidium orchids and any colour of french tulip. There’s some flowers I don’t like, but I’m happy to design with any flowers that my customers like.” 
    Chloe: “I love burgundy scabiosa and white sweet peas, actually all colours of sweet peas! I really don’t mind any flowers, even the traditional one’s can be restyled. Flowers are like fashion, they come and go. We used lemon dianthus/ carnations in a Mud bouquet recently, and it was one of the most popular bouquets we’ve created.” 

    Q: What’s been the most memorable Mud moment so far?

    A: “Our best moment was when we placed our branded sticker on our custom cardboard tote – bringing our design, invention and floral creation together for the first time.”

    Q: What’s Mud’s plans for the future?

    A: “We want to continue building up our customer base in Glasgow, bring on franchisees throughout the U.K. and continue to develop and sell other packaging solutions to florists and wholesalers worldwide.”

    Q: Have you celebrated your new venture yet?! If not, how do you plan to?

    A: “We haven’t had time yet, as Glasgow has embraced Mud so quickly! However, we were teaching at Chapel Designers London last week and visited the Covent Garden Flower Market at it’s a new location for further inspiration. Also treating ourselves to a mandatory glass of champers!”

    I’ve been keeping up to date with their week in London and it’s got Pinterest all over it! So so talented!! Will definitely be ordering more Mud bouquets in the future. Check out their Instagram for all the latest. 

    Ellen xxx

    Scottish Mug | Lisa Donati

    When your postie judges you because of the packaging…

    It’s safe to say I’m in love with my new belter of a mug from Lisa Donati, so much so I bought 2! You need to check out her website full of amazing mugs, cards and more based around Scottish humour! She’s been in the media this month in particular because of her new mug about Scottish MP Mhairi Black who supposedly mouthed “you talk shite hen” in Parliament!
    There’s so many hilarious items for sale, and some great Mother’s Day gifts too…if your maws that type of gal of course!

    I was brought up in Germany in an army base and ended up having an English accent that took a while to fade out when I moved to Scotland not long before High School. Now it’s Scottish but it’s not that thick so I feel I can’t get away with saying some Scottish/Glaswegian phrases even though I love them!

     My boyfriend is from the Gorbals and we moved here a few years ago. Soon after, I was on a night out and ended up in Oko for food (I always need food), when a couple of people starting chatting to me. One asked where I was from and I said that I’d just moved to the New Gorbals (because that’s what people had been calling it!!!!). I’ll never make that mistake again haha. I well and truly got the absolute piss ripped out of me! Haha

    “Ohh you live in the Newwww Gorbals dooo youuu?”

    So now I just say straight up Gorbals like a little wannabe Glaswegian  ✌🏻

    Love Ellen x

    Saving For A House | ISA Accounts

    We all know that January is a long ass month where most of us will be eagerly counting down the days to pay day in a bid to financially recover from the festive period! It’s also a time when we tend to reflect upon the previous year and make goals and aspirations for the future; asking ourselves what do we really want?

    For myself and many others in their 20’s, the idea of buying a house in the next few years is no doubt somewhere in our thoughts, whether it be at the forefront or lingering in the background. This is a bit of a daunting process, as we all know that it involves saving a shit load of money, meaning we need to restrict ourselves in other parts of our lives…like maybe not going on a gazillion holidays every year. I feel like I need to go into mourning for that realisation alone!

    Anyway, if you know me well you’ll know that I’m far from a financial advisor and can’t even recite the timetables. So of course it makes perfect sense for me to write a blog post where I discuss the best ISA accounts for first time buyers! They just come with such great bonus’ that I couldn’t keep them to myself, and frankly if I understand them…anyone can.

    A lot of you will have already heard of or have a Help to Buy ISA…but there will soon be a new girl on the block called LISA. Otherwise known as the Lifetime ISA, she’s the sassy cousin of the Help to Buy ISA! Helping first time buyers, they both promise to give you a 25% government bonus on top of your savings, although you can only claim the bonus from 1 of them. They have different specifications meaning that one account will be more beneficial for you than the other depending on your circumstances and plans. 

    I’ve listed some Q & A’s below. Hopefully it makes sense and helps you or a friend to realise which one you should get, or if you should transfer your Help to Buy into a LISA! 

    Who can open one?

    Help to Buy:

    Buyer aged 16 or over


    Anyone aged 18-39

    How much money can I put in?

    Help to Buy:

    • In the first month you can put in £1,200
    • Every month that follows, you can only put in up to £200 a month.
    • If you can’t afford to pay in a lot one month that’s fine, it’s just you can’t make up for it another month. The maximum is always £200 a month apart from that first month.
    • In the first year you can save £3,400
    • Every other year you can save £2,400


    • You can put in £4000 a year into this account which is more than the help to buy ISA.
    • You can also put your money into it in a more flexible way as there are no monthly limits, aslong as you don’t go over £4000 in a year you have free reign of when and how much you put in. You could put in one lump sum of £4000 if you wanted.

    How much money do I get back?

    If you are a first time buyer you get a 25% bonus with both accounts, but because you can put more money into LISA…you’ll get more back!

    For example, if you open a LISA when it launches in April and put the maximum amount in that year (£4000), come April next year you’ll receive a £1000 bonus and have £5000 plus interest. Happy days!

    Who is entitled to these bonus’?

    First time buyers who use the money to buy a house. I will be buying a house with my boyfriend who owns our flat, and so because he isn’t a first time buyer he won’t be entitled to the bonus…but when we buy a property together I can use my bonus as its still my first property. However if the person you are buying with is a first time buyer too…both of you can have a separate ISA and both receive the bonus! So if each of you have a LISA and both put in £4000 this year, next year combined you’ll have £10,000 saved plus interest.

    When do I receive the bonus?

    Help to Buy: At the point that you buy a house, and so you won’t receive any interest on the bonus.

    LISA: Annually, so you will receive interest on the bonus.

    When can I use it to buy a home?

    Help to Buy:

    Once you have £1,600 in your account. Which if you put the maximum in, will only take you three months. At this point you would receive a £400 bonus. So even if you’ve saved your deposit and already know that you’re going to buy a house really soon, as long as it’s more than 3 months away, it’s still worth opening a Help to Buy ISA for a few months in order to bag yourself atleast £400 of free cash.


    You need to have had a LISA for atleast a year before you buy a house in order to get the bonus. The LISA launches in April and I plan to transfer my Help to Buy into a LISA, because I know that we won’t buy a house before April 2018. If you are planning on buying a house before you’ve had a LISA for a year (?April 2018)…the Help to Buy is the one for you!

    What’s the maximum property price?

    Help to Buy:

    £250,000, or £450,000 in London



    Can I withdraw the money if I’m not buying a house? 

    Help to Buy:

    Yes, you just won’t get the 25% bonus.


    Yes, for retirement! This is why it’s called the lifetime ISA as it’s designed to give you a 25% bonus on 2 big things in your life – buying a house and then retiring when you’re 60. Although you don’t need to be a first time buyer to have a LISA. You could open a LISA and only use it for retirement if you wanted to. However if you withdraw the money and don’t use it to buy a house, and aren’t yet 60, there are likely to be hefty penalties, but it’s still being consulted on as far as I know. This is how LISA holds a higher risk in a way, as its tying your money up a little bit if you don’t use it for what it was intended when it was intended. Although sometimes I think that threat is good for people who tend to pick at their savings.

    What if I already have a Help to Buy ISA but I now want a LISA?

    You can transfer any money that was already in your HTB before April 2017, into a LISA within the first year of LISA’s life without it affecting your ISA allowance. This is what I plan to do! It means I can move the money from my HTB but I’ll still be able to put £4000 in this year. You can also keep both accounts open if you want and get good interest on the money that you have in your HTB. But you can only use the bonus from one to buy a house, which would be the LISA presumably, because you will no doubt have more money in it. 


    • If you are buying quickly (but more than 3 months away), the HTB is the one for you.
    • If you aren’t buying before April 2018, LISA will probably be the best option  for you as it allows you to save and receive more.
    • If LISA is the one for you, open a HTB now and then transfer the money across when LISA launches in April, as in this circumstance it won’t affect your allowance for that year. 
    • With LISA, once you’ve bought a home and used the bonus, the account stays open. Although a pension will be the best option for retirement, it would be wise to put a wee bit away every month and still get the yearly 25% bonus for when you take it out aged 60.
    •  So even if you already own a house and you think you’ve just wasted 10 minutes of your life reading this pish…if you are wanting to save wisely for your retirement, aslong as you are 18-39 the LISA is still a great thing to have alongside your pension, as long as you don’t withdraw it until you are 60!

    Thanks for reading! Even if you think you can’t save a lot and that buying a house or retiring is way off for you, open something up and start saving a little!  

    Ellen x


    The thought of starting a blog is a bit nerve wracking! 

    …which is why I thought it was appropriate that my first blog entry should be about my amazing dog Indy.

    Here’s why:

    1. Much like blog writing, I used to be nervous of and avoid all dogs.

    2. I honestly love Indy with all of my heart and I aim to blog about things that I love and enjoy. Wether it be a travel destination, a restaurant, skin care product or an IKEA cushion!!

    3. He cost a donation of £80 from DogsTrust (vet check etc). A skinny stray mongrel with separation anxiety – the biggest bargain of my life. The blog will probably feature me spending money on the things that I love but I also hope to document the bargains in my life and my journey into the world of adulting! 

    4. Many of the photographs & videos I usually take are of Indy and I hope that blogging will push me to learn more as I really admire good photography and videography but I’m a massive amateur and barely get by on Auto. I’m probably most comfortable filming with my GoPro  but not so good at editing! So lots of learning to be had. 

    5. Last but not least, if you hadn’t guessed from the title, this initial blog post will in fact reveal Indy’s genetic make up…and who doesn’t love make up?

    To set the scene, as my boyfriends birthday was fast approaching I started to contemplate what gifts to buy for him. Naturally I stuck to the generic items, went online and filled my virtual basket with some aftershave, a DNA test for our dog, and a multipack of socks.

    So…the dog DNA test! This might be one of those presents that I buy for someone else but that’s secretly a present for…me! And before you ask, it’s not to determine if I’m his maw – of course I am. It’s to reveal what breeds make up the amazing personality of our handsome mix breed Indy.

    ‘How To’ and review of Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test:

    After a quick google search I put £60 into the hands of a trusty fave – Amazon. What can’t you buy from Amazon? The kit brand is Wisdom Panel who seem to have good reviews online, although from a bit of research it seems no matter what brand you use there’ll be a middle aged woman somewhere online claiming that the test results weren’t accurate. Betty (51) from Middlesburgh didn’t put me off though. 

    The process of ordering it on Amazon was as easy as ever and it arrived within a few days. However when I saw the small sleeve at the door I assumed it wasn’t the test because it was just so tiny! Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t look shoddy or anything, you just expect there to be more of it. This isn’t really a negative as the kit seems to include all it needs to, but if you’re anything like me you’ve geared yourself up to think you’re doing some CSI type stuff and it’s not quite like that.

    Enclosed was:

    – A small set of perfectly good and easy to follow instructions

    – A set of labels

    – A small sleeve with 2 DNA swabs inside, both intended for one dog.

    – An envelope to send it back in

    STEP 1:

    Make sure your dog hasn’t eaten in the last 2 hours.

    Peel back the edges of the swab sleeve by a few centimetres.

    Note your dogs joyful facial expression as he has no idea what your about to do.

    STEP 2: 

    Firmly roll the swab bristles between the inner surface of the cheek and gums for 5 seconds.

    Note your dogs facial expression change as he now has some idea of what you’re about to do…


    Then repeat this step with the second swab. I had to get my boyfriend to take over here as Indy started to pull back a little when I was doing it. All in all though a quick and simple process so far that didn’t seem to faze him too much.

    STEP 3:

    Let both of the swabs air dry for around 5 minutes.

    Once you’ve allowed them to air dry, put the 2 swabs back into the packet they came from. 

    At this point, I just thought that putting it back into the slightly opened packet that I took it out of didn’t seem that secure. However a few seasons of CSI doesn’t make me an expert, and it does say on the instructions that you shouldn’t attempt to seal the sleeve as it will apparently help bacteria to grow. So there is the chance that they might, just might know more than me…

    Step 4 – Activate Online:

    Once you’ve completed the test, you need to go online and enter a few of your dogs details into the website, including date of birth (we put a rough date as Indy was a stray), weight, name and your email address. You also have to type in the Sample ID that is printed at the top of the instructions so don’t lose them! This will then generate a confirmation number for you.

    STEP 5: 

    The pack comes with a set of labels. Write the confirmation number that you have just generated onto this label and stick the label onto the swab sleeve. Put it into the prepaid envelope that they provide, post it and eagerly await the results!

    Strangely it gets posted to the Scottish town of Ayr! I’m pretty sure it goes from there on to America. 

    Step 6 – Recieve Results:

    Once I had posted it I liked receiving a few email updates about the process, including one to inform me that the sample had arrived at the lab. The results are estimated to take 2-3 weeks and will also arrive via e-mail. I felt so excited waiting for the results and they came quicker than expected. 

    So here goes…

    Yay! So exciting!!

    I knew from doing some research before hand that if there is a big variety of mix breeds in his ancestry that some of ‘the family tree’ would come up simply as “Mix Breed” because they are mixed beyond the three generations that it tests for. As you can see below some of his ancestry is like this.

    Even though there are some blanks and question marks, we are so chuffed with the results! We had always thought that German Shepherd would probably be in there, but to be honest we wouldn’t have cared what the results revealed, it was just a bit of fun and quite interesting to investigate! I do always feel a bit guilty when you’re in the park and someone asks what he is and we don’t know! 

    The email also includes Bio’s for the breeds which is nice as it details the behavioural traits that these breeds usually possess, the shape of their ears, nose and tail, and any health concerns. We can see that Indy is within a good weight range and were able to start guessing what physical and behavioural traits he’s taken from each one. He’s such a loveable, intelligent and energetic dog which goes perfectly with these breeds! 

    Thanks Wisdom Panel for an insight into our amazing dog Indy. It was definitely a fun process and one which we both enjoyed and would recommend.

    Ellen x