Mamafubu | Pan Asian | Glasgow 

Last week I popped along to Mamafubu on Glassford street for some “Pan Asian” goodness! It’s really central, just around the corner from Polo Lounge and Ingram Street. 

Now this blog post isn’t filled with super impressive foodie photos because frankly I’d just woken up from nightshift and a block of extremely busy shifts and I was absolutely starving so the photos are a bit rushed! But the food was really tasty and I’d definitely go back, so I thought it was worth a share on here as I’ve been neglecting to document my foodie adventures since I started this thing. And I love seeing inspiration online for where to eat out! 

My first impressions were good, it’s a nice relaxed space with tables beside the window, a bar area to sit at with stools, and an elevated area which is where we were sitting. The staff that we met were all Asian men and so so friendly. Good service just makes you like a place instantly don’t you think? 

The menu had a really good extensive variety of options! We opted for a few classics to share between us that perhaps aren’t the most ‘instagrammable’ but tasted delicious! 

Breast of chicken fried rice 

Chicken Dumplings

Garlic Pac Choi

Salt and Chilli Chips 

Beef Yakitori skewers

So there we go. They were all delicious! No fancy ‘concepts’ or presentation. Just good food!

They do a great value lunch deal, bento box’ and takeaway option that I’m sure is really popular with the locals. They’ve also opened a sister restaurant called Kowloon Bar & Kitchen in the Southside that’s now on my list!

Here’s me wondering if I’m pregnant or if it’s just the salt and chilli chips…

Yep just the chips. 

Ellen x

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