Mud Urban Flowers | Glasgow| Q&A

Recently, the beautiful Chloe from Mud Urban Flowers kindly sent me such an Instagram worthy bunch of flowers that I thought I’d bring you here to discuss just how much this new Glasgow brand have nailed it! 

Before we begin I should mention that this post features a crisp and classic but nightmare to iron blouse from H&M. I totally love this little number despite my boyfriend slagging me by saying I looked like a Victorian! Apparently DJ’s know so much about fashion now and between 1837-1901…🤔

(And yes I did just have to google when the Victorian period was)

Mud Urban Flowers are a new online Glasgow brand that are making gifting bouquets appealing for us millenials! Signature cardboard tote and cool logo? Tick! Stunning fresh flowers? Tick! Order online with free delivery? Tick! Currently delivering Monday to Friday 11am-5pm to G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G11, G12, G13, G14, G20 and G61. They come in 2 different sizes, little for £19 and luxe for £39. The little is featured in my photos and is the perfect size, but I’d definitely get the luxe for a special occasion! You don’t even need to think about what looks good as each day they have one daily design that is seasonal, on trend and ready to go! You can also set up a flower subscription for weekly, fortnightly or monthly! I really love seeing small Glasgow business’ get it so right, so I was intrigued as to who was behind it! Cue a Q & A with Chloe and Nick the faces behind the brand!

Q: So who are Chloe and Nick and what did you both do before Mud?

A: Chloe graduated in 2014 with a degree in English and History (oh this is embarrassing…please teach me about the Victorian times haha! E) before working around the world with leading floral designers including Holly Heider Chapple. Her cousin, Nick graduated with a degree in Marketing and French, Nick worked for 6 years in the London financial district before retraining as a florist. Since 2003, his company Mood Flowers designs luxury weddings and events throughout Scotland and beyond. In addition, he trains new and established florists helping them to improve their business and technical skills at Flower School Glasgow

Q: How did the company and branding come about?

A: After realising we had complimentary skill sets, we decided we wanted to establish a new brand which reinvented flower delivery for the millennial consumer. Using Nick’s floristry knowledge and experience with Chloe’s eye for design and social media savvy, the duo have created a brand fit for 2017. 
For the branding, we designed a prototype cardboard tote and had it manufactured here in the U.K. and we worked closely with a graphic design company to bring the contemporary logo to life. 

Q: Did you always see yourselves doing this/being part of this industry? What did you do before?

A: Nick: “Becoming a florist was a complete case of serendipity for me. I met a girl (my now wife) who wanted to become a florist. After 6 years in the corporate world, I realised working in the 9-5 rat race wasn’t for me and followed her from finance to flowers. I have never looked back.”
Chloe: “I’ve always wanted to establish my own business, but I wasn’t sure in which field. With a love of flowers and a few years experience in the industry, I realised there was an opportunity in the market place to modernise the way people order and send flowers.

Q: What’s your favourite flower? Is there a flower you hate?

A: Nick: “I like green cymbidium orchids and any colour of french tulip. There’s some flowers I don’t like, but I’m happy to design with any flowers that my customers like.” 
Chloe: “I love burgundy scabiosa and white sweet peas, actually all colours of sweet peas! I really don’t mind any flowers, even the traditional one’s can be restyled. Flowers are like fashion, they come and go. We used lemon dianthus/ carnations in a Mud bouquet recently, and it was one of the most popular bouquets we’ve created.” 

Q: What’s been the most memorable Mud moment so far?

A: “Our best moment was when we placed our branded sticker on our custom cardboard tote – bringing our design, invention and floral creation together for the first time.”

Q: What’s Mud’s plans for the future?

A: “We want to continue building up our customer base in Glasgow, bring on franchisees throughout the U.K. and continue to develop and sell other packaging solutions to florists and wholesalers worldwide.”

Q: Have you celebrated your new venture yet?! If not, how do you plan to?

A: “We haven’t had time yet, as Glasgow has embraced Mud so quickly! However, we were teaching at Chapel Designers London last week and visited the Covent Garden Flower Market at it’s a new location for further inspiration. Also treating ourselves to a mandatory glass of champers!”

I’ve been keeping up to date with their week in London and it’s got Pinterest all over it! So so talented!! Will definitely be ordering more Mud bouquets in the future. Check out their Instagram for all the latest. 

Ellen xxx

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