Giraffe Shirt | $14.00

So a few months ago I ordered a shirt for $14.00 from SheIn, a website that I’ve never heard of that just happened to pop up on my screen one day. Maybe I’ve been liking photos of giraffes recently on IG, who knows? I do have a slight giraffe crush! 

A few years ago I travelled to Tanzania to volunteer as a Midwife and while I was there I was lucky enough to go to the Serengeti on safari and see giraffes in all their natural beauty. They were honestly mesmerising, the sheer height of them and pattern on their coat was incredible! 

So when this shirt popped up I did think that the site looked a bit dodgy as I’ve never heard of SheIn before…but hey $14.00 what have I got to lose?! Has anyone else heard of them? It’s probably a well known budget American brand that I’ve just never come across?! 

Anyway, it rrived quite quickly. I was expecting it to be like one of those memes where people order things from amazon or eBay and they arrive looking nothing like the photo! But when it came I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not amazing quality, and will probably shrink when I wash it, but I do love it!! You can’t order a specific size either, it’s just one size fits all (which again made me think it was going to come and be tiny or massive) but it fits nicely… I’d say it fits a 6-10, and I’m unsure if it would button well if you’ve got a big bust! 

Trying my best to get giraffe themed clothing into Spring/Summer 17! 

Ellen x

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