Borders Bakeshop | Crunchie Collision Box

Hands up if you love honeycomb?! Honeycomb treats are my absolute favourite and so when it was the theme of one of Borders Bakeshop’s goodie boxes I jumped at the chance to try them! And I probably need to start jumping more often after the calories I’ve consumed! 

Honeycomb Biscuit Slices

An Oreo and chocolate biscuit base with crushed honeycomb, topped with white chocolate and Crunchie chunks. I thought my honeycomb dreams couldn’t have got any better until they invited Oreo to the party. They tasted amazing and I loved the white chocolate topping. I’m glad they came in smaller slices though because they were filling.

Crunchie Rocky Road

Crunchie chunks, milk chocolate, rice crispies, honeycomb matchsticks, marshmallows and homemade honeycomb. Now we’re talking. I kid you not these were UNREAL. I could have had a box of these alone they were that incredible! They were more of a rocky road/rice crispy type thing and definitely my favourite, so so good! 

Honeycomb Marshmallows

Vanilla marshmallow with honeycomb chips swirled throughout, dipped in dark chocolate with more honeycomb chips on top. I don’t overly love marshmallows but these were so nice and added a lighter variety to the box.

Honeycomb Brownie

A rich chocolate brownie with chocolate frosting, topped with a Crunchie rock, chocolate covered honeycomb pieces and honeycomb chips! Just like any brownie these were rich but not as rich as I was expecting which was good. All the honeycomb just makes it amazing, especially the Crunchie Rock on top! 

I’ll 100% order another box in the future, they were so tasty and I much prefer supporting small business’! I’d probably buy them as a gift for a foodie friend or to take to an event. They do different weekly flavours of these gourmet goodie boxes that you can order via PayPal/Instagram. I’ve got my eye on the Biscoff Brilliance and the Oreo Overload! 

Thanks Borders Bakeshop!

Ellen X 

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