Scottish Mug | Lisa Donati

When your postie judges you because of the packaging…

It’s safe to say I’m in love with my new belter of a mug from Lisa Donati, so much so I bought 2! You need to check out her website full of amazing mugs, cards and more based around Scottish humour! She’s been in the media this month in particular because of her new mug about Scottish MP Mhairi Black who supposedly mouthed “you talk shite hen” in Parliament!
There’s so many hilarious items for sale, and some great Mother’s Day gifts too…if your maws that type of gal of course!

I was brought up in Germany in an army base and ended up having an English accent that took a while to fade out when I moved to Scotland not long before High School. Now it’s Scottish but it’s not that thick so I feel I can’t get away with saying some Scottish/Glaswegian phrases even though I love them!

 My boyfriend is from the Gorbals and we moved here a few years ago. Soon after, I was on a night out and ended up in Oko for food (I always need food), when a couple of people starting chatting to me. One asked where I was from and I said that I’d just moved to the New Gorbals (because that’s what people had been calling it!!!!). I’ll never make that mistake again haha. I well and truly got the absolute piss ripped out of me! Haha

“Ohh you live in the Newwww Gorbals dooo youuu?”

So now I just say straight up Gorbals like a little wannabe Glaswegian  ✌🏻

Love Ellen x

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3 thoughts on “Scottish Mug | Lisa Donati

      1. Oh bollocks! Why didn’t I know that? ‘Cause I do most o’ me telly-watchin’ south of Hadrian’s Wall – although I’ve recently discovered ‘Shetland.’ Trust my non-PC lot to have a word for it. Thanx for the dialect lesson. 😀


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