The Larder | Bearsden 

So I was invited along to The Larder today, and along with my friend Chloe we were treated to a taste of their new menu! 

#tastethelarder was the first ‘blog thing’ that I’ve managed to go to and I’m glad I went. Although I’m a chatty and usually confident person, sometimes I can feel so weirdly nervous just before going to new social situations but then when I’m there it’s always totally fine and not stressful in the slightest. But I’m glad I had a slightly hungover Chlo-dawg by my side for what turned out to be a really chilled and delicious Sunday lunch! Watching her having to pull off a 3 million point turn to get the car out of a ridiculous parking space was worth leaving the house for alone! 

Although The Larder is slightly tucked away in Bearsden, it’s really not far from the city centre! We missed the old firm traffic and got there within 15/20 minutes. The restaurant is really nicely decorated with these beautiful brass exposed bulbs with bright wiring. 

The lovely Kimberley Ritchie greeted us as we arrived and she was so lovely that my awkward social anxiety moment disappeared. Kimberley is otherwise known as the scottish_pr_mum who founded the super cool Scottish Mothers Collective and has a new and exciting PR company called Flat White Communications to boot. We both commented on how she looked insane! Me and Chloe barely had the energy to brush our hair that morning while the mum of 2 was winning at life and looking amazing doing it. Briony from glasgow_food was on form too, just so friendly and her amazing instagram account always makes me hungry! 
So let’s eat…

I had the Sunday roast with chicken which was really tasty. The chicken was so juicy, and having a really refined palate myself means that of course the pigs in blankets were ideal. Swear down, never trust anyone that doesn’t like pigs in blankets. Also never trust anyone who calls them “sausages wrapped in bacon”. They are clearly maniacs.

Chloe made a rookie mistake by picking the fajitas as her fragile state meant her construction abilities were poor. We all know it takes skill and a steady hand to build while assessing important factors like the right guac to chicken ratio. Nonetheless she really enjoyed them and they went down a treat!

We also ordered a portion of these tasty chilli Parmesan fries because we love all the carbs. 

Thanks so much to The Larder for inviting me a long for a delicious meal. The desserts look amazing so they are next on my hit list. Id definitely recommend going here for a family lunch as it was really relaxed and family orientated with an impressive variety on the kids menu. Speaking of kids, we got a goodie bag with cake and prosecco! 

Ellen x

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