Los Angeles | California 

Check out some of our LA highlights by watching our wee video.

My top 5 LA tips:

1. Hire a car! The place is huge!!! For the first few days we didn’t have the car yet and it was so hard to get around.

2. Universal Studios – get the Front of the Line Pass. It’s a fair bit more money if I can remember correctly but it’s soooo worth it to not be stuck in the queues! On one ride it was absolutely insane how big the normal queue was in comparison to the front of the line pass que!

3. Research to see if there are any TV show filmings you’d like to see and apply for them early. Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with James Corden and loads more all film in LA with live audiences. We managed to get free tickets for Conan and it was sooo much fun! I’d never watched his show before but it was hilarious and despite my best efforts I got dragged up onto the stage as part of the warm up to do a dance off! I honestly could have died, but won a free t-shirt and avoided cardiac arrest so it’s not all bad.

4. Head to The Grove one night for some shopping and dinner! It’s a lovely outdoor shopping centre with restaurants and a cinema. It’s right beside the farmers market which is worthwhile going to. I love markets, it’s cute and has lots of little stalls. The celebs are known to hang out at The Grove, which must be true as we bumped into Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. James almost peed himself but managed to refrain and got a photo with him instead! 

5. Don’t attempt to hike up to the Hollywood Sign during a heat wave…you won’t make it!! 






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