Levain Bakery | New York

All it took was watching one Instagram video of someone halfing a massive cookie in two to reveal the gooiest most chocolatey centre EVER to make me add it to my NYC to-do list. 

A quick Google, Tripadvisor and IG search revealed that the queues for this place are always insane! Search the hashtag and it won’t take you long to find photos of the shockingly long line right up the street. Masses of people waiting in formation for over an hour to get their hands on a $4 cookie is the norm. Every review assured me that there was no “good time” to go and that the line was going to be astronomicle no matter what. I had already made my mind up before we arrived that I was prepared to wait, even though the thought of it stressed me out. (Heaven forbid I actually have real problems one day!)

However, as much as I love him I am sometimes burdened by having one of those boyfriends that doesn’t think a cookie is worth an hour of our time and would rather we, I dunno, went up the Empire State Building or something. His priorities are all messed up. 

Thankfully a miracle occurred that day and there were only a hand full of people in line. The queue didn’t even spill out onto the street. For a minute I thought it was closed! The food gods were looking down on us and we were in and out in under 5 minutes. We went sometime between 9-10am which may have been the reason for this miracle.

 Cookie for breakfast anyone?

The bakery has a few locations in NYC: 

  • 167 West 74th Street
  • 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd
  • 351 Amsterdam Ave
  • 354 Montauk Highway

We went to the one on West 74th Street which is set in a beautiful area and popular with tourists due to its central location. As you can see from the photo, the bakery is tiny with 2 or 3 stools at a small window which I doubt would be a particularly relaxing experience. Luckily, this branch is only a short walk to two big tourist attractions – Central Park and the Natural American History Museum. I would recommend killing 3 birds with one stone and scheduling your visit alongside the two. Sitting on a bench in one of the worlds most beautiful and iconic parks eating the best cookie of your life, before a few hours of culture at the museum.

Hold on though. Before you walk anywhere you 100% need to break open the cookie as soon as you get it if you are a loony like me and want that extra warm and gooey picturesque, instagramable, Pinterest worthy video or picture!

I went for the most popular flavour of Chocolate Chip Walnut, which is weird because I absolutely despise nuts! But I was assured from online reviews that it’s the best one, that you can’t even taste the nutty flavour and that they in fact add to the texture. Thank you to all of the beautiful people out there that take the time to write on Tripadvisor, you were all right and it did not disappoint! 

I’ll let the Video do the talking…

Ellen xoxo

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