Three Sisters Bake | Christmas | Glasgow

It’s December! 

A time to be joyous, generous and kind. 

However, I’m pretty sure Santa will forgive you if like me, you’ve recently contemplated punching some of your friends and family in the face. Why I hear you ask? Because of their smug social media posts declaring how they’ve already set their automated e-mail response to Out of Office in order to enjoy the festivities. Accompanied by the token salt in the wound hashtag of #sorrynotsorry that is sure to follow. I know what you’re thinking, “she works for the NHS, she’s supposed to be super kind and not think about punching people in the face” or something to that effect. And I am super kind, but I’m also over here with envious green eyes making sure my crocs (don’t you dare) are clean in preparation for working over the festive period, including on Christmas Day. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job. Especially when it recently prompted a brief sense of self pity that made me believe it was totally acceptable to order a box of 25 brownies from Three Sisters Bake all for myself! 

Oops! But it was well worth it…

What the…

Oh ok, it’s just the packaging. And what beautiful packaging it is too! Underneath this layer is some cellophane, helping to give unopened boxes a shelf life of 2 weeks. Once opened, they can be enjoyed for up to a week if you store them in an airtight container. They are the perfect gift to take to a Christmas get together, to send to a friend that you wont be able to visit over the festivities, or to simply help Santa meet his macros while he is delivering all of our presents. 

Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Lemon & Coconut, Praline & Chocolate, & Raspberry Swirl Blondies.

Come at me! Here’s some photos to entice you…

They really do taste as good as they look! The salted caramel with popcorn topping is probably my favourite! And I couldn’t believe how gold and shimmery the topping of the praline one is!

There isn’t long left to order a box of these goodies so go to the online shop and snap one up quick! Even if you’ve recently set your ‘Out of Office’ on, I’m sure you deserve it! You can even pick up some other Christmas gifts like their cook book or vouchers for afternoon tea! Visiting the Three Sisters Bake cafes in Killearn and Quarriers Village is definitely on my list for the new year. 

And visiting the gym, definitely visiting the gym.

Ellen x

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