Singl-End Cafe Bakehouse | Glasgow

Singl-End Cafe Bakehouse kept popping up on my IG feed and catching my eye with its photos of amazing brunch food! So it was easy to persuade 2 of my friends to come with me on a rainy Sunday to try Glasgow’s number 1 Cafe according to Tripadvisor. Especially as they had both been the week before and loved it!

Despite its city centre location on Renfrew Street, the former print shop retains a sense of intimacy with its basement entrance tucked away amongst the tenements. As we were parking, Morven had already arrived and txt us to announce


Ideal Morv. Ideal! Less so the hipsters, more so the dogs. Although I do like how hipster company makes my Scary Mary post-nightshift junkie bun more socially acceptable. 

 We turned up at around 2pm on a Sunday when it was bustling with people and the comforting smell of brunch. We found Morven waiting for us in a cute wee sitting room/waiting area with a cup of tea in hand. As she had promised, we met 2 handsome British Bulldogs and all proceeded to clap them without hesitation and tell them they were good boys! 

Escaping from the Glasgow winter, this homely nook made me feel instantly chilled and reminded us all of The Butterfly and the Pig which is unsurprising as both are owned by the successful Pagliocca family. No time for the board games provided though as we weren’t waiting for long. We swiftly got shown to our seats by a really friendly waitress with cool tattoos, a blunt Bob and chunky glasses.

When walking through to the main cafe you start to feel a slight difference in the decor. Plum walls with vibrant blue pillars remain, but the tin can style counter and ceiling gives it more of an eclectic canteen vibe…but it works. I really loved the bright material covered window shutters! 

As soon as you sit down your eyes are drawn to the quirky glass table tops that have a variety of cool Polaroids, postcards, illustrations and exotic stamps positioned within the glass. It prompted me to get out my Instax Printer and print photos of the girls from an app on my phone (*great Christmas present idea*). However they do make that ‘backwards glance you do before you leave somewhere to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything’ slightly challenging! But I’ll let them away with it. If you let me away with this blurry hand…

After we inspected the table we got to looking at the menu. Packed with an exciting variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, I started to realise why my friend Morven liked it. We all have that ‘one friend’ and this is definitely the place to take them to avoid feeling guilty about the lack of options available to them.

I on the other hand, can be adventurous with food but I tend to have more of a classic/traditional (simple and boring) palate, so a menu with too much quirky/healthy/fancy stuff tends to intimidate me. But Singl-End’s menu caters for all, adding a little something special without mixing it up too much, from porridge and cooked breakfasts to open sandwiches and smoothies. Not to mention the vast homemade bread list including sweet potato and almond, rosemary and garlic, and banana pecan to name a few. As expected I played safe this time and stuck with sourdough which was delicious!

Eggs baked in a casserole of homemade pork and fennel sausage, cannelloni beans, tomato and chilli

I really liked this and loved the presentation! Duffy had the veggie version, which looked identical but included baked eggs in a spicy chickpea and tomato stew with roast sweet potato. As you can see she loved it too!

Beetroot and walnut hummus, maple roasted winter vegetables and pistachio nuts with your choice of bread.

Morven had this two weeks in a row which is testement to how much she liked it! The photo doesn’t do the vibrant purple coloured walnut hummus justice!

Quick toilet break before dessert. I felt like a complete creep taking my camera into the toilets, but I had to when I spotted these beautiful copper pipes and ornate tiles!


Just when I thought that my alone time in a toilet was the last exciting thing to happen to me that day, I saw the cake table. I may have got a little too excited and forgot to take any decent photos of it, but all it takes is a quick scan of their Instagram page for photo after photo of the cake table that dreams are made of.

This little caramel number was insane! Dark chocolate on the top with a base that was more like a flapjack than shortbread. So good, but quite rich so sharing it with a friend or having it in two sittings might be a shout.

Raspberry and Nutella brownie. Yas! I love Nutella (and chocolate in general) but I always consider brownies to be a risky option because I’ve had so many dry and bland ones. These were incredible though! Next time I’ll definitely be getting some to take away!

I’m certain there will be a next time because if you couldn’t tell, I had a great time at Singl-End. There’s days where you want to lie about in your stained jammies with a greasy roll n sausage and a can of irn bru, binge watching Gilmore Girls whilst analysing your life choices and attempting to solve the worlds unanswered questions like why we say “mint chocolate” yet “chocolate orange”….but for the days you’ve washed your hair, have enough energy to put a filter on an Instagram photo and generally have your shit together…I’d definitely give this place a go! Amazing food with a twist, really friendly and efficient service and a cool atmosphere! 

Ellen x 

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